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cp value Functional Guild
Format: fx-s where f=feeding habit, x=cp value, -s = mode of feeding suffix     h = plant feeding
  (suffix "-a" = swollen, sedentary females;
             "-b" = migratory endoparasites
             "-c" = semiendoparasites
             "-d" = ectoparasites
             "-e" = epidermis/root-hair feeders)
1 = enrichment opportunists h3
Select Functional Guild from Drop Down Menu     f = fungal hyphal feeding 2 = basal fauna p5
      b = bacterial feeding 3 = early successional opportunists b1
    s = substrate ingestion 4= intermediate succession and disturbance sensitivity  
      p = predation (including specialist predators of nematodes; "-i" = ingesters; "-p" = piercers) 5 = long-lived intolerant species  
      e = eucaryote feeding    
    d = dispersal stages or animal parasites    
      o = omnivory (including general predators of nematodes "-i" = ingesters; "-p" = piercers)    
animal parasites (designated ap) and marine nematodes: (designated m) only a small amount of data has been entered into Nemaplex; some animal parasites are marine nematodes, some marine nematodes are animal parasites! Further development on feeding categories is needed.