Characteristics of Taxonomic Groups with Soil-inhabiting Forms

Characteristics of Phylum Arthropoda


  1. Bilaterally symetrical, triploblastic
  2. Body segmented
  3. Regional body specialization
  4. Cuticle forms well-developed exoskeleton
  5. In primitive forms, each true body segment with paired jointed appendages
  6. Usually with paired compound eyes and one to several simple eyes
  7. Coelom reduced to portions of the reproductive and excretory systems; main body cavity is an open hemocoel
  8. Circulatory system open; dorsal heart is a muscular pump with ostia for blood return
  9. Gut complete, with well-developed stomodeum and proctodeaum
  10. Nervous system with dorsal ganglion, ventral nerve chords and circumenteric connectives
  11. Cuticle molted during growth
  12. Muscles striated and arranged in isolated segmental bands
  13. Sexes usually separate


Oligoentomata - collembola

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