Family Anoplostomatidae

Revised 02/03/24






Anoplostomatidae Gerlach & Riemann, 1974

Free-living marine nematodes. Several species reported from coastal mangrove swamps.

Ref: Tchesunov and Thanh, 2010; Smol et al., 2014

???In the genus Anoplostoma, adult nematodes have neither mouth nor anus. Their intestine is are filled with a sulfur-fixing symbiont which, presumably, are the food resource for the nematode (Blaxter and Koutsovoulos, 2015).??? (check this, seems incorrect)

Two subfamilies:

Anoplostomatinae: Amphids similar in both sexes, males with bursa.

Chaetostomatinae: Amphids very different in males and females, males with a precloacal tubule


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