Family Bastianiidae

Revised 01/26/21




Bastianiidae De Coninck, 1935


There is some some confusion in the literature in the spelling of Bastianiidae and Bastianidae.  The preferred spelling is Bastianiidae.

Older classification systems place the Bastianiidae in the superfamily Plectoidea of the order Araeolaimida (Holovachov et al., 2002)

More recent systems place the family in the order Triplonchida (Holovachov and Shoshin, 2013) with genera

Bastianiidae are common inhabitants of both terrestrial (soil, moss, litter, rotting wood) and aquatic habitats.

They are reported from all continents, including some subantarctic islands.

Probably feed as bacterivores.


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