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Family Benthimermithidae

Revised 04/15/22



Benthimermithidae Petter, 1980

Nematode parasites of marine invertebrates, recorded from all oceans with several species inhabiting depths between 2000 and 4000 meters..


Relationships between Marimermithidae and Benthimermithidae:

Life Cycle of Benthimermithidae:

Ref: Tchesunov and Rozenburg (2011)

Amphipod heavily infected by juveniles of Trophomera granovitchi (Benthimermithidae)
from Tchesunov and Rozenburg, 2011


Rubzov and Platonova (1974) erected the new family Marimermithidae including Marimermis together  with two other genera, Trophomera Rubzov & Platonova, 1974 and Thalassonema Ward, 1933, which were the only genera known at the time.

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Tchesunov A.V., Rozenburg, A.I. 2011. Data on the life cycle of parasitic benthimermithid nematodes with the description of a new species discovered in marine aquaria. Russian J. Nematology 19:139-150.

Westerman, R., de Moura Neves, B., Ahmed, M. et al. (2021) Aborjinia corallicola sp. n., a new nematode species (Nematoda: Marimermithidae) associated with the bamboo coral Acanella arbuscula (Johnson). Syst Parasitol 98, 559–579

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