Family Crateronematidae

Revised 01/03/22

Crateronematidae Siddiqi, 1969

A family of soil-inhabiting Doerylaimida. Mainly reported in terrestrial habitats.

Siddiqi (1969 proposed the family Crateronematidae to accommodate his newly proposed subfamilies Crateronematinae and Lordellonematinae

Vinciguerra (2006) recognized Lordellonematidae and Crateronematidae as separate families under Dorylaimoidea.

Andrassy (2009) accepted Crateronematinae with three genera Chrysonema, Crateronema and Oonaguntus and Lordellonematinae with five genera under Crateronematidae.

Ref. Andrássy, 2009; Imran aet al, 2021; Vinciguerra, 2006.


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