Sub-class: Dorylaimia

Revised 10/24/22

Order 1.  Dorylaimida - movable mural tooth or hollow spear.  
all soil or freshwater inhabitants, no marine. 
Longidoridae are plant parasites and vectors of plant viruses.
Order 2.  Mermithida  multiple glandular esophagus - stichosome- invertebrate parasites, e.g., Mermis, Romanomermis.
Order 3.  Mononchida - strong, cuticularized stoma, 
predaceous and cannibalistic
soil and freshwater, no marine.
Order 4.  Dioctophymatida
parasites of mammals (e.g. Dioctophyme renale, , birds and fish.
Order 5.  Trichinellida - multiple glandular esophagus - stichosome
vertebrate parasites, e.g., Trichinella spiralis  (trichinosis), Trichuris (whip worm)
Order 6.  Isolaimiida- long and slender
soil inhabitants.
Order 7.  Muspiceida
parasites of mammals
Order 8. Marimermithida
adults free-living, juveniles parasites of invertebrates

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