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          Hemicycliophora ripa Van den Berg, 1981

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Morphology and Anatomy:




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Reported from grasses and Psidium guajava (guava) in South Africa (van den Berg, 1981).
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Economic Importance:

Demonstrated to cause damage to Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris) (Malan and Meyer, 1993).

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  Ectoparasite at and near root tips.

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Life Cycle:

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Feeding causes root tip swelling, stubby roots and poor growth.


Root tip swelling  caused by feeding of Hemicycliophora ripa Hemicycliophora ripa feeding at root tip Damage to Swiss chard at field level
Photographs from Malan and Meyer (1993)


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Malan, A.P., Meyer, A,J, 1993. The effect of Hemicycliophora ripa on Swiss chard. Phytophylactica 25:295-296.

Van den Berg, E. 1981. Further studies on the genus Hemicycliophora de Man, 1921 in South Africa (Nematoda: Hemicycliophoroidea) with a description of a new species. Phytophylactica 13:181-194.

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