Acrobeles mariannae




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           Acrobeles mariannae Andrassy, 1968

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Morphology and Anatomy:




Double layer of cuticle.

Lateral field with 4 incisures.

Labial probollae twice as long as cephalic probollae, each fringed with 6-8 tines, apical tines T-shaped.

Esophageal corpus cylindrical, corpuse 4x longer than isthmus.

Excretory pore very anterior, 10-24 annules from head.

Tail of both sexes usually short.

Female: gonad single, post uterine sac less than one body-width long.

Male: bursa absent but genital papillae present. 

Spicules paired, gubernaculum present, thin. 

Ref Andrayy, 2005.

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Biology and Ecology:

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Life Cycle:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Andrassy, I. 2005. Free-living Nematodes of Hungary Vol. 1. Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest.

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