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       Sabatieria Rouville, 1903


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Morphology and Anatomy:

Main characteristics:

Ref: Botelho et al., 2006




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A very common and species rich free-living genus in intertidal zone and continental slope regions, particularly sandy-silts in the upper rgions of the continental slope. Also found in deep sea regions.

The White Sea is a small marginal shelf sea separated from the Arctic Ocean by the shallow and narrow Gorlo Strait. In its deepest regions (small depressions with a maximum depth of 343 m): the deep water is very cold (about -1.5 ï¿½C) and not fully saline (29.5-30.0 %). Samples collected at a depth of 251-288 m had 59 nematode morphotypes belonging to 37 genera and 18 families. he genera Sabatieria and Filipjeva dominated at all samples, followed by Aponema, Desmoscolex, and Quadricoma. The composition of the dominant genera is considered typical for this depth range in temperate and Arctic waters (Miljutin et al., 2014).

 Sabatieria has been characterized as the most common dominant genus on the ocean shelf break. Often it has been recorded as one of the most abundant genera from the lower shelf to the medium slope and in canyons in the temperate and Arctic waters(Miljutin et al., 2014).

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Biology and Ecology:


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Life Cycle:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Botelho, A.P., Da Silva, M.C., Sobral, L.D.T., Fonseca-Genevois., V.A. 2009. Two new species of Sabatieria Rouville (Nematoda: Comesomatidae) with conical-cylindrical tails, from Campos Basin, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Zootaxa 2096:82-98.

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Tsechunov, A.V. 2000. Several new and known species from the families Coninckiidae and Comesomatidae (Nematoda) in the White Sea, Hydrobiologia 435: 43-59.


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