Family Gongylonematidae

Rev. 09/28/2021


Phylum Nematoda

  Class Chromadorea

    Subclass Spiruria

     Order Spirurida

        Superfamily Spiruroidea

Gongylonematidae Hall, 1916

Intestinal parasites of mammals, including humans, although humans considered accidental hosts.  Often found in the buccal region and referred to as gullet worms.. Also in, often in the crop of domestic fowl and referred to as crop worms..

 Insects are intermediate hosts. 




Costa Cordeiro, H., F.T. de Vasconcelos Melo, E. Guerreiro Giese and J. Nascimento dos Santos. 2018. Golygonema parasites of rodents : a key to species and new ata on G. neoplasticum. J. Parsitol. 104:51-59.

Kinsella, J.M., MR Robles, WC. Preisser. 2016.  A review of Gongylonema spp.(Nematoda: Gongylonematidae) in North American rodents with description of a new species from the cotton rat, Sigmodon hispidus (Mammalia: Cricetidae). Zootaxa, 4107: 277284


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