Subfamily Harpagonchinae

Revised 11/26/22







                                                     Chromadoridae Filipjev, 1917
Harpagonchinae Platanova & Potin, 1972

Type genus of the subfamily: Harpagonchus Platanova & Potin, 1972

A subfamily of marine nematodes that are ectosymbionts of Polychaeta.

  • Cuticle with homogeneous punctation without lateral field areas.
  • Six outer labial setae
  • Buccal cavity with movable triangle-shaped mandibles with anterior solid hooks.
  • Esophagus usually widened anteriorly around mandibular region and enlarged posteriorly.
  • Females diovarial.
  • Male with or without precloacal cup-shaped supplemenmts
  • Marine  nematodes.


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