Subfamily Hypodontolaiminae

Revised 11/26/22







                                                     Chromadoridae Filipjev, 1917
Hypodontolaiminae de Coninck, 1965

Type genus of the subfamily: Hypodontolaimus de Man, 1886

A subfamily of free-living marine nematodes

  • Cuticle with usually heterogeneous ornamentation along body,with or without differentiation in lateral fields,
  • Six outer labial papillae and four cephalic setae may be in a separate circles
  • Amphid apertures distinct or obscure, usually between cephalic setae
  • Stoma funnel-shaped with hollow teeth, one large dorsal, two smaller subventral. or denticles.
  • Esophagus usually with anterior muscular swelling.
  • Males with cup-shaped precloacal supplements.
  • Mainly marine  nematodes, sometimes in brackish water.


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