Order Isolaimiida Inglis, 1983

Rev. 08/03/20

Andrassy (2009) asserts that the root of Isolaimium is Isloaimi.  The root is de3termined by removing the Latinized ending "um" from Isolaimium. Then appropriate ennings are added to the root to designate different taxonomic levels. Consequently, the correct names of the Order, Sub-order, Superfamily and Family are, respectively, Isolaimiida, Isolaimiina. Isolaimioidea and Isolaimiidae and not Isolaimida, Isolaimina. Isolaimoidea and Isolaimidae as used by several authors.

  • long and very slender; 2-7 mm long

  • cuticle longitudinally striated; may have punctations, most obvious on tail in longitudinal and transverse rows

  • lip region simple, rounded; lips amalgamated

  • three circles of labial sensilla: six round openings surrounded by six outer labial papille and four minute cephalic papillae.

  • amphids apertures very small and pore-like

  • stoma a long sclerotized tube occupying 30% of length of esophageal region; triradiate, thickened walls anteriorly

  • esophagus muscular, cylindrical, slightly widened posteriorly; cardia large and tongue shaped

  • females dioavial, amphidelphic, with ovaries sometimes reflexed; vulva a transverse slit

  • male testes paired

  • male spicules thick, gubemaculum small, thin

  • male with 1-14 ventro-median supplements and sometimes paired preclocacal ventro-median papillae

  • tails in both sexes short, bluntly rounded with pointed tips, sometimes conoid

  • large, paired caudal papillae on male tail; small paired papillae on female tail

  • mainly inhabitants of undisturbed sandy soils.

  Isolaimium nigeriense: anterior body
from Timm, 1969


Andrassy, I. 2009. Free-living Nematodes of Hungary (Nematoda Errantia) Vol. 111. Humgarian Natural History Museum, Budapest. 508p.

Timm, R.W. 1969. The Genus Isolaimium Cobb, 1920 (Order Isolaimida, Isolaimiidae New Family). Journal of Nematology 1:97-106.

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