Family Marimermithidae

Revised 11/19/21



            Marimermithidae Rubzov & Platonova, 1974

A family of nematode parasites of marine invertebrates.


Rubzov and Platonova (1974) erected the new family Marimermithidae including Marimermis together  with two other genera, Trophomera Rubzov & Platonova, 1974 and Thalassonema Ward, 1933, which were the only genera known at the time.

Later, the genera Ananus Rubzov, 1977, Acronema Rubzov, 1978 and Australonema Tchesunov & Spiridonov, 1985 were described and included in Marimermithidae  (Rubzov, 1977, 1978, 1985a,b; Tchesunov & Spiridonov, 1985).

Rubzov (1980, 1985b) also proposed a new order, Marimermithida Rubzov,1980, including  the genera Benthimermis Petter, 1980, Abos Rubzov, 1980, and Adenodelphis Petter, 1983.  These genera, however, differ from one another in significant morphological features. Benthimermis contrary to Marimermis and allies has an abnormal alimentary tract, namely a trophosome built of big cells retaining only a thin capillary lumen, scarcely connected within the reduced pharynx and rectum.

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