Family Microlaimidae

Revised 10/28/22





 Microlaimidae Micoletzky, 1922          

A family consisting mainly of marine nematodes; a few soil-inhabiting species.            

The family Microlaimidae is often one of the most abundant groups of free-living nematodes in the benthos from shallow to deep-sea habitats.  They have been found to depths of  7800 m in the southern  Pacific Ocean (Revkova, 2017).



Kovalyev, S.V. & Tchesunov, A.V. 2005. Taxonomic review of microlaimids with description of five species from the White Sea (Nematoda: Chromadoria). Zoosystematica Rossica, 14: 1-16.

Revkova, T.N. 2017. Two new species of free-living nematodes genera Microlaimus de Man, 1880 and Aponema Jensen, 1978 (Nematoda: Microlaimidae) from the Black Sea. Zootaxa 4344:387-394.


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