Rev 11/05/2021


Swangeriidae Jairajpuri, 1964

Differ from nematodes in the Belondiridae by the usually asymmetrical odontostyle and; tail long to filiform.

Differ from those in the Dorylaimellidae by the non-flanged odontophore, the lack of perioral sclerotized platelets and the absence of glandular pores in the lateral field.

In a study of the muscular sheath surrounding the enlarged basal portion of the esopahgus, Hechler (1969) emended the description of the superfamily Belondiroidea (Thorne, 1964) as follows: "Esophageal expansion surrounded by a sheath of muscle bands which may lie parallel to the esophagus, spiral completely around it in a dextral or sinistral direction, or spiral slightly without completely encircling the esophagus". 

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