Family: Tylopharyngidae

 Rev: 11/03/2021


Tylopharyngidae Andrassy, 1984

The family was erected by Andrassy (1984) to accomodae the single genus, Tylopharynx. That genus has often been seen as indicative of the origins and relationships of Tylenchida  because of the apparent similarity of its stoma armature to the tylenchid stylet (Andrassy, 1984; Wu et al., 2001). Later studies by De Ley et al. (1993) suggested that there is no strong elationship between the stoma of Tylopharynx and the stylet of the Tylenchida.

Later, De Ley et al (1994) described the the unusual genus Aenigmenchus from the Galapagos Islands and added it to the family.

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Morphology and Anatomy:

Drawings of the head region of Tylopharynx (from Wu et al., 2001)    


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