Anisakis sensu stricto Moved to Skrkabinisakis
  • A. berlandi
  • A. marina
  • A. nascettii
  • A. pegreffii
  • A. simplex
  • A. zifphdarum
    • A. brevispiculata
    • A, paggiae
    • A. physeteris
     Species reassignments per
    Safonova, A.E., Voronova, A.N., Vainutis, K.D. 2021. First report on molecular identification of Anisakis simplex in Oncorhynchus nerka from the fish market, with taxonomical issues within Anisakidae. J. Nematology 53 :| DOI: 10.21307/jofnem-2021-023
    Moved to Peritrachelius
    • A. typica
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