Arthropod Antagonists of Nematodes

Rev 01/01/20

Gamasellodes vermivorax (Mesostigmata: Ascidae) [not pictured here] is an important nematode predator in semi-arid grassland soils of the Great Plains.  Generation time is 10 days and females produce up to 3 eggs/day for 2 weeks (Walter, 1987).

Mites - phylum Arthropoda, class Arachnida.




Colembolla - phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta


Walter, D.E.  1987.  Life history, trophic behavior, and description of Gamasellodes vermivorax n.sp. (Mesostigmata: Ascidae), a predator of nematodes and arthropods in semiarid grassland soils.  Canadian J. Zoology 65:1689:1695.

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