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    Taxa containing Plant Parasites How Nematodes Damage Plants
    General Concepts of Disease Components of Damage
     Key to Genera of Plant-feeding Nematodes mechanical damage
physiological damage
molecular events
    Evolution of Interactions between Plants and Nematodes
    Interactions with Other Organisms
    Nematodes as Virus Vectors Crop Losses due to Nematodes
     Nematodes Associated with Specific Crops Importance of Nematodes in World Agriculture
    Nematodes on Specific Crops (Powerpoint) Proving Pathogenicity of Nematodes to Plants
    Nematode Population Dynamics and   Economic Thresholds Introduction to Plant and Soil Nematodes
    Biological Antagonists of Nematodes Nematode Management in Vineyards
    Soil Food Webs
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