General Nematology

Introduction to Nematodes What are nematodes?  Where do they live? History of Nematology In medicine, agriculture, California
Characteristics of Nematodes Diagnostic characters, anatomy and morphology Audiotapes Early audiotapes on nematode management in California
Other Lower Metazoa Related organisms Professional Societies Society of Nematologists
Nematodes as Plant Parasites Herbivory, plant damage Books and Journals Books in Chinese
Bacterial-Feeding Nematodes Form and function Current Priorities Important research directions
Animal-parasitic Nematodes Human and animal diseases UCD Department of Nematology Structure, function, personnel
Nematodes and Insects Parasitism, pathogenesis, phoresy UC Nematologists Faculty statewide
Soil Food Webs Structure and functions Pioneers in Nematology Early and Recent Contributors to the science of Nematology
Nematode Morphology and Anatomy   Current Prominent Nematologists Some current important contributors
Nematode Development and Physiology   Nematode Behavior  
An Introduction to Plant and Soil Nematodes Powerpoint presentation Nematode Ecology Ecophysiological parameters, Ecosystem functions, Feeding habis, Guilds
    Dictionary of Terminology  
Seminar Presentations Powerpoint slide sets of some seminars by Ferris Ferris Laboratory Personnel and Associates Present and past students, postdoctoral fellows, visitors, collaborators and technical staff
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