M.W. Allen

I. Andrássy

R.C. Baines

K.R. Barker

A.F. Bird

E.J. Cairns

B.G. Chitwood

J.R. Christie

N.A. Cobb

A.V. Coomans

H. Darling

E.C. Dougherty

L.A.P. De Coninck

C.L. Duddington

W.A. Feder

J. Feldmesser

A.M. Golden

W. Hart

J. Heyns

H. Hirschmann

Q.L. Holdeman

F.G.W. Jones

B.R. Kerry

E.L. Krall

B. Lear

M.B. Linford

B.F. Lownsbery

C.W. McBeth

A.R. Maggenti

W.F. Mai

Y. Mamiya

G.C. Martin

N.A. Minton

R.H. Mulvey

A.G. Newhall

W.L. Nicholas

C.O. Nielsen

D.C. Norton

M. Oostenbrink

A.J. Overman

V.G. Perry

B.G. Peters

D.J. Raski

H. Reynolds

R.T. Robbins

J.N. Sasser

J.W. Seinhorst

S.A. Sher

M.R. Siddiqi

G. Steiner

A.C. Tarjan

A.L. Taylor

W. Thames

I.J. Thomason

G. Thorne

R.W. Timm

S.D. Van Gundy

D.R. Viglierchio

H.R. Wallace

J.M. Webster

G.W. Yeates

B.M. Zuckerman


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Early and Recent Pioneers in Nematology
Rev. 08/30/22
Gainesville, FL, 1955

B.G. Chitwood initially conducted research on Ditylenchus dipsaci on ornamental bulbs on Long Island, NY.  He began research on Globodera rostochiensis after it was discovered on Long Island in 1941.  A very significant contribution was the book written with his wife, M.B. Chitwood, Introduction to Nematology.

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M.W. Allen, Nematologist, Department of Entomology, UC Berkeley and Department of Nematology, UC Davis.  Systematics and Taxonomy.  Started the UC Davis Nematode Collection (UCDNC).

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Merlin W. Allen
Knoxville, TN, 1957

István Andrássy


Biography of István Andrássy

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Eldon J. Cairns
Auburn, AL, 1956

Eldon J. Cairns, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Auburn University, Auburn AL.  Methodology.

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Richard C. Baines, Citrus Experiment Station, and later Department of Nematology, UC Riverside.  The citrus nematode, Tylenchulus semipenetrans; its control with resistant rootstocks and nematicides.  Pioneered the use of 1,2-Dibromo-3-
(DBCP) in citrus.

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Richard C. Baines
Riverside, CA, 1954
Richard C. Baines
Riverside, CA, 1954

Obituary of Kenneth Reece Barker Kenneth R. Barker
Professor of Nematology
Department of Plant Pathology
North Carolina State University

Obituary K.R. Barker
Jesse Roy Christie
Gainesville, FL, 1955
J.R. Christie joined the staff of N.A. Cobb at the Division of Nematology, U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 1922.  He worked on nematode parasites of insects, particularly mermithids.  Later he was in the Department of Entomology, Agricultural Experiment Station, Gainesville, Florida.  There he and Vernon G. Perry demonstrated the importance of ectoparasitic nematodes in agriculture.

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Alan F. Bird 
C.S.I.R.O., Adelaide, South Australia, 1974

Alan F. Bird, C.S.I.R.O., Adelaide, South Australia.

Deceased 1999. 

Nematode anatomy, and ultrastructure, particularly Meloidogyne spp.



Nathanial A. Cobb.  Nematologist, Division of Nematology, U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

Often referred to as the "Father of Nematology".  Excellent observer and prolific writer.  Coined terms such as "nema" and its various derivatives.  Deceased 1932.

Biography of N.A. Cobb

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N.A. Cobb


August V. Coomans

Section of Nematology

University of Ghent, Belgium

Honorary Member, Society of Nematologists

Biography of A. V. Coomans

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A.V. Coomans

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