M.W. Allen

I. Andrássy

R.C. Baines

A.F. Bird

E.J. Cairns

B.G. Chitwood

J.R. Christie

N.A. Cobb

H. Darling

E.C. Dougherty

L.A.P. De Coninck

A. De Grisse

V.H. Dropkin

C.L. Duddington

W.A. Feder

J. Feldmesser

A.M. Golden

W. Hart

J. Heyns

H. Hirschmann

Q.L. Holdeman

F.G.W. Jones

B.R. Kerry

E.L. Krall

B. Lear

M.B. Linford

B.F. Lownsbery

C.W. McBeth

A.R. Maggenti

W.F. Mai

Y. Mamiya

G.C. Martin

N.A. Minton

R.H. Mulvey

A.G. Newhall

W.L. Nicholas

C.O. Nielsen

D.C. Norton

M. Oostenbrink

A.J. Overman

V.G. Perry

B.G. Peters

D.J. Raski

H. Reynolds

R.T. Robbins

J.N. Sasser

J.W. Seinhorst

S.A. Sher

M.R. Siddiqi

G. Steiner

A.C. Tarjan

A.L. Taylor

W. Thames

I.J. Thomason

G. Thorne

R.W. Timm

S.D. Van Gundy

D.R. Viglierchio

H.R. Wallace

J.M. Webster

G.W. Yeates

B.M. Zuckerman


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Early and Recent Pioneers in Nematology
Rev. 09/06/21
Seymour D. Van Gundy
Riverside, CA, 1957
Seymour D. Van Gundy, Department of Nematology, UC Riverside.  Conducted extensive work on Tylenchulus semipenetrans and other nematode pests of citrus.


Obituary Seymour D. Van Gundy

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David R. Viglierchio
UC Davis, 1965
UC Davis, 1961
David R. Viglierchio, Department of Nematology, UC Davis. 

Biochemistry and biophysics of nematodes.

Deceased September 28, 2005

Obituary D.R. Viglierchio

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D.R. Viglierchio (right) with Father R.W. Timm, 1970
Biography of Father Timm

Obituary R.W. Timm

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Ivan J. Thomason, Nematologist, UC Riverside.

S.D. Van Gundy and I. J. Thomason, 1961

Ivan J. Thomason
Tracy, CA, 1954

Host-plant resistance and chemical control of nematode parasites of beans, and of the sugarbeet-cyst nematode, Heterodera schachtii.


Obituary I.J. Thomason

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Harry Wallace:

Nematode ecologist.  Author of The Biology of Plant Parasitic Nematodes and Nematode Ecology and Plant Disease.  Relocated to Australia after an outstanding early part of his career in U.K.

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Harry R. Wallace
Adelaide, South Australia, 1975

Deceased July, 2011 in Adelaide (age 86)

Dr. John M. Webster

Simon Fraser University



John Webster Biography

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John M. Webster

John Webster

Gregor Yeates
Dr. Gregor W. Yeates
Landcare Research, New Zealand

Biography, Gregor Yeates

Obituary, Gregor Yeates
Bert M. Zuckerman
University of Massachussets

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Bert M. Zuckerman

Bert Zuckerman

Obituary B.M. Zuckerman
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