Richard William Timm, 1923-2020


(Announcement of his death by Brent Sipes, University of Hawaii)


Father Richard William Timm CSC passed away September 11, 2020 at the age of 97.
Father Timm was born in Michigan City, Indiana and received his BA from the University of Notre Dame, his MS (Biology) and the PhD (Parasitology) from Catholic University of America.

Dr. Timm conducted surveys on nematodes and described over 250 new species. He described Timmia parva, two species of Megadontolaimus (marine nematodes), two species of marine Aphelenchoides with Dr. Mary Franklyn, as well as nematodes within Imponema, Filiponema and Plutellonema with Dr. Armand Maggenti.

Father Timm authored “The Plant-Parasitic Nematodes of Thailand and The Philippines” published by SEATO in 1965 and  "Nematodes associated with commercial crops of East Pakistan".

He served as a Fulbright Lecturer in Parasitology at the Government Medical College, Dhaka, Bangladesh and as a Visiting Professor in Nematology at the University of California from 1968-1970. In addition to being a nematologist, Father Timm was an educator and an activist.

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