M.W. Allen

I. Andrássy

R.C. Baines

A.F. Bird

E.J. Cairns

B.G. Chitwood

J.R. Christie

N.A. Cobb

H. Darling

E.C. Dougherty

L.A.P. De Coninck

A. De Grisse

V.H. Dropkin

C.L. Duddington

W.A. Feder

J. Feldmesser

A.M. Golden

W. Hart

J. Heyns

H. Hirschmann

Q.L. Holdeman

F.G.W. Jones

B.R. Kerry

E.L. Krall

B. Lear

M.B. Linford

B.F. Lownsbery

C.W. McBeth

A.R. Maggenti

W.F. Mai

Y. Mamiya

G.C. Martin

N.A. Minton

R.H. Mulvey

A.G. Newhall

W.L. Nicholas

C.O. Nielsen

D.C. Norton

M. Oostenbrink

A.J. Overman

V.G. Perry

B.G. Peters

D.J. Raski

H. Reynolds

R.T. Robbins

J.N. Sasser

J.W. Seinhorst

S.A. Sher

M.R. Siddiqi

G. Steiner

A.C. Tarjan

A.L. Taylor

W. Thames

I.J. Thomason

G. Thorne

R.W. Timm

S.D. Van Gundy

D.R. Viglierchio

H.R. Wallace

J.M. Webster

G.W. Yeates

B.M. Zuckerman


Early and Recent Pioneers in Nematology
Rev. 09/27/21

Winfield Hart started his professional career as a Nematologist working in the regulatory activities of the California Department of Food and Agriculture.  Later he became Extension Nematologist in the Department of Nematology at UC Davis.

W. Hart Obituary

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W.H. Hart
UC Davis, 1964

Hedwig Hirschmann (Triantaphyllou)
Raleigh, NC, 1956


Hedwig Hirschmann (Triantaphyllou) conducted many years of her career as a morphologist and taxonomist in the Department of Nematology at NC State University.


Obituary Dr. Hedwig Hirschmann Triantaphyllou

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Professor Dr. Juan Heyns

Rand Afrikaans University
South Africa

(Obituary of Juan Heyns)

Obituary 2 of Juan Heyns

Professor Dr. Juan Heyns

Quintin L. Holdeman


Quintin L. Holdeman had a career in regulatory nematology in California and Florida.

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A. Morgan Golden, Department of Nematology, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, MD.  Taxonomist and systematist.  Was curator of the USDA Nematode Collection which was initiated by N.A. Cobb and expanded by G.R. Thorne.

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A. Morgan Golden
Auburn, AL, 1956
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