M.W. Allen

I. Andrássy

R.C. Baines

A.F. Bird

E.J. Cairns

B.G. Chitwood

J.R. Christie

N.A. Cobb

H. Darling

E.C. Dougherty

L.A.P. De Coninck

A. De Grisse

V.H. Dropkin

C.L. Duddington

W.A. Feder

J. Feldmesser

A.M. Golden

W. Hart

J. Heyns

H. Hirschmann

Q.L. Holdeman

F.G.W. Jones

B.R. Kerry

E.L. Krall

B. Lear

M.B. Linford

B.F. Lownsbery

C.W. McBeth

A.R. Maggenti

W.F. Mai

Y. Mamiya

G.C. Martin

N.A. Minton

R.H. Mulvey

A.G. Newhall

W.L. Nicholas

C.O. Nielsen

D.C. Norton

M. Oostenbrink

A.J. Overman

V.G. Perry

B.G. Peters

D.J. Raski

H. Reynolds

R.T. Robbins

J.N. Sasser

J.W. Seinhorst

S.A. Sher

M.R. Siddiqi

G. Steiner

A.C. Tarjan

A.L. Taylor

W. Thames

I.J. Thomason

G. Thorne

R.W. Timm

S.D. Van Gundy

D.R. Viglierchio

H.R. Wallace

J.M. Webster

G.W. Yeates

B.M. Zuckerman


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Early and Recent Pioneers in Nematology
Rev. 01/01/20

Joseph N. Sasser, Department of Plant Pathology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC.  Differential host range test for separating species of Meloidogyne.  Conceived and developed the International Meloidogyne Project, 1976.

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Joseph Neal Sasser
Knoxville, TN, 1957

Deceased August 17, 2005

J.N. Sasser Obituary

Gerald R. Thorne
Madison, WS, 1956

Gerald R. Thorne, U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Nematode systematics and taxonomy.  Wrote "Principles of Nematology".

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Gotthold Steiner joined the staff of N.A. Cobb at the Division of Nematology, U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 1922.  He became leader of the Division when Cobb died in 1932.

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Gotthold Steiner
Beltsville, MD, 1956

  • Born: Cambridge, Massachusetts 20 December 1920  

  • BS 1947 (Rutgers University)

  • MS 1949 (University of Maryland)

  • PhD 1951 (University of Maryland)

  • 1950-1951 Asst. Nematologist, USDA

  • 1951-1955 Asst. Professor, University of Rhode Island

  • 1955-1957 Assoc. Professor, University of Florida

  • 1957-1989 Professor, University of Florida

  • 1989-2009 Professor Emeritus, University of Florida

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Armen C. Tarjan
Citrus Experiment Station
Lake Alfred, FL.
1956 (left), 1998 (right)

Deceased January 25, 2009

A.C. Tarjan Obituary

Samuel A. (Skip) Sher
Riverside, CA, 1954





Samuel A. (Skip) Sher, Department of Nematology, UC Rivesride.  Morphologist, taxonomist, systematist.  Some work with nematodes of ornamental crops.  Trained with M.W. Allen in the Department of Nematology, UC Davis.

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A.L. Taylor, Section of Nematology, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville, MD. 

Extensive work on chemical control of plant-parasitic nematodes.

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A.L. Taylor
Beltsville, MD, 1956
Ivan J. Thomason
 Nematologist, UC Riverside.

S.D. Van Gundy and I. J. Thomason, 1961

Ivan J. Thomason
Tracy, CA, 1954

Host-plant resistance and chemical control of nematode parasites of beans, and of the sugarbeet-cyst nematode, Heterodera schachtii.

Deceased January 26, 2008

Obituary - Ivan J. Thomason

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W. Thames
Gainesville, FL, 1955
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J.W. Seinhorst
Knoxville, TN, 1957


J. W. Seinhorst had a long career in an institute associated with Wageningen University in The Netherlands.  He made major contributions to the understanding of the relationship between nematode population levels and host damage.  Also in the area of nematode population dynamics.

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Mohammad Rafiq Siddiqi (1934-2017)
Photograph from Nematology 19:1237-1241
M.R. Siddiqi was an enormously productive nematode taxonomist and systematist who spent much of his career at the Commonwealth Agricultuiral Bureau in St. Albans, England.
 In more than 280 publications he described 671 new species  representing 248 genera. His book, "Tylenchida Parasites of Plants and Insects", published in 1986 and revised in 2000, remains a nematological classic.

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