M.W. Allen

I. Andrássy

R.C. Baines

A.F. Bird

E.J. Cairns

B.G. Chitwood

J.R. Christie

N.A. Cobb

H. Darling

E.C. Dougherty

L.A.P. De Coninck

A. De Grisse

V.H. Dropkin

C.L. Duddington

W.A. Feder

J. Feldmesser

A.M. Golden

W. Hart

J. Heyns

H. Hirschmann

Q.L. Holdeman

F.G.W. Jones

B.R. Kerry

E.L. Krall

F. Lamberti

B. Lear

M.B. Linford

B.F. Lownsbery

C.W. McBeth

A.R. Maggenti

W.F. Mai

Y. Mamiya

G.C. Martin

N.A. Minton

R.H. Mulvey

A.G. Newhall

W.L. Nicholas

C.O. Nielsen

D.C. Norton

M. Oostenbrink

A.J. Overman

V.G. Perry

B.G. Peters

D.J. Raski

H. Reynolds

R.T. Robbins

J.N. Sasser

J.W. Seinhorst

S.A. Sher

M.R. Siddiqi

G. Steiner

A.C. Tarjan

A.L. Taylor

W. Thames

I.J. Thomason

G. Thorne

R.W. Timm

S.D. Van Gundy

D.R. Viglierchio

H.R. Wallace

J.M. Webster

G.W. Yeates

B.M. Zuckerman


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Early and Recent Pioneers in Nematology
Rev. 01/01/20



Bert Lear, Departments of Nematology
 and Plant Pathology, UC Davis. 
Extensive work on chemical and physical methods for controlling plant-parasitic nematodes.  Ph.D. degree was under A.G. Newhall at Cornell University on soil fumigation.


Dr. Bert Lear died suddenly in Palo Alto, California, November 8, 2005.

Bert Lear Obituary

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Bert Lear
Department of Nematology, UC Davis
Bert Lear
UC Davis, 1965
At UC Riverside, 1964

B.F. Lownsbery, Department of Nematology, UC Davis.  After a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology he studied with Bill Mai at Cornell University.  His career was initiated in the Golden Nematode Program, Long Island, NY.  Dr. Lownsbery died in July, 2000.

Ben Lownsbery Obituary

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Benjamin F. Lownsbery
Tracy, CA, 1954

F.G.W. Jones
Knoxville, TN, 1957
Frederick George William Jones was head of the Department of Nematology at Rothamsted Experiment Station in England.  He conducted extensive research on the population dynamics and population genetics of the potato cyst nematodes, Globodera rostochiensis  and G. pallida. Dr. F.G.W. Jones died at the age of 88 on Friday, September 12, 2003, in Perth, Australia.

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Franco Lamberti


Franco Lamberti was founder and long time head of Istituto di Nematologia Agraria Applicata ai Vegetali. In He was a world expert on nematodes of the family Longidoridae.  He described more than 100 species in the family.

Dr. Lamberti died August 16, 2004

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Maurice B. Linford
Urbana, IL, 1956


M.B. Linford.  Biological control of nematodes.

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Eino L. Krall

Professor Emeritus

Institute of Zoology and Hydrobiology

University of Tartu


Eino L. Krall

E.L. Krall

E.L. Krall Obituary

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Brian R. Kerry MBE
Rothamsted Research
Brian Kerry

Brian Kerry Obituary
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