Seminars and Presentations:  Powerpoint Slide Sets

Rev. 12/02/2019

Seminar Topics
Nematodes as Bioindicators of the Soil Condition - 2001 version
Structure and Functions of Soil Food Webs
Rhizosphere Biology
Nematode Population Dynamics
Nematodes of Grapevines - 2008
Nematodes of Orchard Trees
Nematodes, Ozone and Health: Methyl bromide
Characteristics and Ecology of Nacobbus aberrans in Mexico
Nematode Sampling and Faunal Analysis
Nematode Thresholds and Damage Levels
Global Issues in Nematode Ecology and Management - 2008
Functions/Services of Soil Ecosystems, Nematodes as Bioindicators - 2008
Stewardship of Soil Ecosystem Services
Soil Foodweb 2011 version
Napa Grape Meeting 2012
Additional Powerpoint Presentations

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