Nematode Ecology

Nematodes and the Soil Food Web Searchable Database of Nematode Ecophysiological Parameters
Predators and Parasites of Nematodes Functional Soil Health (2018) - slide show
Nematode Feeding Habits Nematode Sampling and Faunal Analysis (2005) - slide show
Nematode Body Mass and Biomass Nematode Population Dynamics (2001) -Powerpoint
Nematode Respiration and Metabolism Global Issues in Nematode Ecol. and Mgmnt (2008) -Powerpoint
The Soil Environment Ecosystem Functions and Services (2008) -Powerpoint
Soil Food Webs Stewardship of Soil Ecosystem Services (2010) - Powerpoint
Nematode Faunal Analysis Soil Ecology and Soil Health (2015) - slide show

NINJA: Calculation and Analysis of Nematode Indicators

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Management and Stewardship: Nematodes in the Soil Ecosystem (2011) - Powerpoint
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