Family Chronogastridae

Revised 09/16/21

Class: Chromadorea

Sub-class: Chromadoria

Order: Plectida

Sub-order: Plectina

                Superfamily: Plectoidea

Family Chronogastridae Gagarin, 1975

A family of free-living soil nematodes.

The family name literally translates as clock-stomach.  Andrássy (2005) speculates that Cobb provided the name to the genus Chronogaster because the elongate valve in the terminal bulb resembles the hands of a clock.  Alternatively, the esophagus with terminal bulb and its elongate extension might nbe considered to resemble the pendulum of a clock.

 Representative genus: Chronogaster, Cobb



Andrássy, I. 2005. Free-living Nematodes of Hungary Vol 1.  Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest.

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