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 Dorylaimoidea De Man, 1876.



Morphology and Anatomy:

Ref: Jairajpuri and Ahmad, 1992; Vinciguerra, 2006.

Families, genera and species of the Dorylaimoidea are mainly terrestiral, but many species occur in freshwater habitats.

Dorylaimid esophagi: some general chracteristics


Some dorylaimid esophago-intestinal cardia configurations


Key to Families:

Adapted from Vinciguerra (2006)

1 Cheilostom armed with four large onchia encircling odontostyle Actinolaimidae
Cheilostom without onchia 2
2 Numerous body pores with cuticularized ducts Lordellonematidae
Body pores absent or indistinct 3
3 Mouth cavity cyathiform; odontostyle guiding sheath sclerotized anteriorly Crateronematidae
Mouth cavity tubular; odontostyle guiding sheath not sclerotized 4
4 Long nematodes; odontostyle long and thin Longidoridae
Odontostyle short 5
5 Lip region low, not offset; two circles of labial papillae close together; gubernaculum present Thorniidae
Lip region prominent; two circles of labial papillae far apart; gubernaculum absent 6
6 Labial framework and mouth cavity with sclerotized pieces Thornenematidae
Lip region without sclerotized pieces 7
7 Odontostyle slender, relatively long, with narrow lumen and aperture Nordiidae
Odontostyle short, with wide lumen and aperture 8
8 Female tail elongate to filiform; male tail usually short Dorylaimidae
Tail short conoid or rounded, similar in both sexes 9
9 Aperture longer than half length of odontostyle Aporcelaimidae
Aperture shorter than half length of odontostyle Qudsianematidae



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Vinciguerra, M.T. 2006. Dorylaimida Part II: Superfamily Dorylaimoidea.  Pp 392-467 in Eyualem-Abebe, W. Traunspurger and I Andrássy (eds) Freshwater Nematodes: Ecology and Taxonomy. CABI, Cambridge MA.

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