Family Draconematidae

Revised 04/03/22





Draconematidae Filipjev, 1918

            A family of free-living marine nematodes

Ref: Rho et al., 2011; Leduc and Zhao, 2016

Male of Megadraconema cornutum Rho et al., 2011
A=entire body; B=surface anterior; C=spicules; D=detail of head capsule



Allen MW, Noffsinger EM (1978) A revision of the marine nematodes of the superfamily Draconematoidea Filipjev, 1918 (Nematoda: Draconematina). Univ Calif Publs Zool 109: 1–133

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Rho, H.S., W. Decraemer, M.V. Sørensen, W.G. Min, J. Jung and W. Kim. 2011. Megadraconema cornutum, a New Genus and Species from Korea, with a Discussion of Its Classification and Relationships within the Family Draconematidae (Nematoda, Desmodorida) Based on Morphological and Molecular Characters. Zoological Science, 28:68-84.


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