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           Neolobocriconema serratum (Khan & Siddiqi, 1963) Mehta & Raski, 1971


Criconema serratum Khan & Siddiqi, 1963

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Morphology and Anatomy:

  • Body annules retrorse, comprised of thick cuticcle and with a continuous fringe of reduced spines that appear as a serreted edge.
  • Head with two annules, the anterior annule directed forward and outward.
  • Two liplets at oral aperture; four sublateral lobes around labial disc.
  • Strong style, knobs cupped
  • Tail rounded
  • Anus not obfious


  • Vulva a transverse slit
  • Ovary with oocytes in a single row

Ref: Khan and Siddiqi, 1963.


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Originally described as Criconema serratum from soil around roots of diseased peach trees in Almora, North India

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Economic Importance:



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Ectoparasite of plant roots

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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Afshar, F.J. E. Pourjam and M. Pedram. 2019. New morphological observations on Neolobocriconema serratum (Khan & Siddiqi, 1963) Mehta & Raski, 1971 (Rhabditida: Criconematidae). Nematology 21:419-434.

Khan, E. and M.R. Siddiqi, 1963. Criconema serratum n.sp. (Nematoda: Criconematidae), a parasite of peach trees in Almora, North India. Current Science 32:414-415.

Mehta, U.K. and Raski, D.J. 1971. Revision of the genus Criconema Hofmanner and Menzel, 1914 and other related genera (Criconematidae: Nematoda). Indian J. Nematol. 1:145-198.


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