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  • Tylenchida
  •       Criconematidae    
             Mesocriconema sphaerocephala (Taylor, 1936) De Grisse and Loof, 1965


    Criconemoides sphaerocephalum Taylor, 1936
    Criconemoides citri Steiner, 1949
    Criconemoides georgii Prasad, Khan and Mathur, 1965
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    Morphology and Anatomy:


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    Reported from:

    West Indies, USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Central and West Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Congo, UAR, and widely in Europe

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    Economic Importance:

    D-rated pests in California.

    Economic importance unknown.

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    Wide host range. Grasses, trees, grains, vegetables, cotton.

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    Life Cycle:

    Ecophysiological Parameters:

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    Host Plant Resistance, Non-hosts and Crop Rotation alternatives:

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