Acrobeloides longiuterus




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      Acrobeloides longiuterus (Rashid & Heyns, 1990) Siddiqi, De Ley & Khan, 1992)

Originally described as Chiloplacus longiuterus from South Africa by Rashid and Heyns (1990).

Synonyms (per Abolafia and Pena-Santiago, 2017.

= Chiloplacus longiuterus Rashid & Heyns, 1990

= Cephalobus camberenensis De Ley, Geraert & Coomans, 1990 syn. nov.

= Acrobeloides camberenensis (De Ley, Geraert & Coomans, 1990) Siddiqi, De Ley & Khan, 1992 syn. nov.

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Morphology and Anatomy:



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Lip region low, non-bifurcate probolae.

The anterior genital branch of the body lies in the right side of the body, sometimes described as right-handed or dwextral.


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Biology and Ecology:

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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Abolafia, J., Pena-Santiago, R. 2017. On the identity of Acrobeloides longiuterus (Rashid & Heyns, 1990) Siddiqi, De Ley & Khan, 1992 (Rhabditida: Cephalobidae). Nematology 19:817-820

Rashid, F. & Heyns, J. (1990). Chiloplacus and Macrolaimellus species from South West Africa/Namibia (Nematoda: Cephalobidae). Phytophylactica 22, 189-199.
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