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           Chiloplacus magnus Rashid & Heyns, 1990


Chiloplacus similis Holovachov, Bostrom, Mundo-Ocampo & Villenave 2008.

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Morphology and Anatomy:

.Labial probolae of Chiloplacus magnus

Scanning electron micrograph from Abolafia and Pena-Santiago (2017)


  • Small to moderate size, relatively slender nematodes
  • Body cylindrical, slightly tapering towards both extremes
  • Cuticle with transverse striations, lateral field with five incisures
  • Six lips with primary U-shaped and secondary V-shaped processes
  • Stoma opening surrounded by three bifurcated probolae
  • Stoma jointed, slightly longer than width of lip region
  • Esophageal corpus cylindrical, with robust metacorpus and pyriform terminal bulb
  • Excretory pore at about mid-esopahgus level 




  • Left side of lateral; field expanding to a membranous ala at vulval level
  • monodelphic, prodelphic, ovary refelexed antidromously
  • post-uterine sac 3.5-3.8 x body diameter in length
  • Vagina oblique.
  • vulva migrated to a left subventarl position and partly covered by the membranous ala of the left lateral field
  • tail subcylindrical


  • momorchic
  • spicules paired, curved; gubernaculum thin
  • tail conical, curved ventrad
  • bursa absent

Ref: Abolafia and Pena-Santiago (2017)

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Described from Namibia and Spain

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Biology and Ecology:

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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Abolafia, J.  and R. Pena-Santiago. 2017. On the identity of Chiloplacus magnus Rashid & Heyns, 1990 and C. insularis Orselli & Vinciguerra, 2002 (Rhabditida: Cephalobidae), two confusable species. Nematology 19:1017-1034.


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