Panagrolaimus detritophagus


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Panagrolaimus detritophagus Fuchs, 1930

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Morphology and Anatomy:



Short cylindrical stoma.  Long tapering corpus with no offset metacorpus.  Valve in postcorpus.  Female monovarial, prodelphic, ovary reflexed, offset spermatheca.  Rapidly moving, very active nematodes.
Tail conical but asymmetrical, shorter on ventral side.    
  Male spicules with short terminal bifurcation.  

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No caudal alae.
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Common in agricultural soils around Davis, California.  Also reported from South America and Europe.

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Active bacterial feeders (Yeates et al., 1993).

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Biology and Ecology:



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Life Cycle:

Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:

Bacterially-mediated decomposition of organic matter; nitrogen mineralization.


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