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       Monhystrella Cobb, 1918


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Morphology and Anatomy:



  Generally small nematodes, <0.5mm long.

Cuticle smooth or finely striated, usually with setae. Head with 4, 6 or 8 cephalic setae.

Esophagus cylindrical with distinct terminal bulb which does not have valves.

Esophago-intestinal valve spheroid.

Amphids circular, 2-4 head widths from anterior..

Stoma elongate, opening into funnel shaped beginning of esophagus lumen, may have minute denticles.

Vulva at mid-body, monovarial, prodelphic, ovary short, outstretched.

Tail long and filiform.

Caudal glands in tail with duct to a long, slender spinneret at tail tip.

The genus is distinguished from other Monhysteridae by the mid-body position of the vulva, the long spinneret and the terminal bulb of the esophagus.



Unknown or rare.


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Feed on bacteria and possibly substrate ingestion in which the substrate includes bacteria, protozoa, algae, etc. (Yeates et al., 1993.). Reported as bacterial feeders in estuarine environments (Moens and Vincx, 1997).

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Biology and Ecology:

Free-living inhabitants of fresh and brackish water, moist soils and mosses.

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Life Cycle:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:

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