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  • Hypodermis/epidermis is cellular with cell bodies aggregated in lateral field - resulting in thickening or hypodermal chords under lateral field.
  • Also thickened in ventral region. 
  • If thickened in dorsal region, usually only in anterior portion.


  • Hypodermis has hypodermal glands and coelomocytes that are ectodermal in origin.  Present in all nematodes.  It is speculated that coelomocytes may secrete hormones that control molting of the cuticle.
  • Hypodermal cells become very active during molting of the cuticle - mitochondria, golgi bodies, etc.
Caudal Glands

Caudal Glands are common in adenophorean nematodes. 


They secrete adhesive material by which the nematodes can attach to a substrate.


Usually there are three caudal gland cells but the number ranges from two to five.


Caudal gland cells usually share a common orifice, which is closed by a spinneret valve, at the end of the tail.

Caudal Glands and Spinneret of Sabateria sp.

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