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Excretory System

Simple tubular system - in one or both lateral hypodermal ,  embedded between the three cell bodies in hypodermal chord; or an individual cellular system.
A.  Superfamily Oxyuroidea, Order Ascaridida
B.  Superfamily Rhabditoidea, Order Rhabditida
C.  Superfamily Cephaloboidea, Order Rhabditida
D.  Family Anisakidae, Order Ascaridida
E.  Subclass Diplogastria
F.  Superfamily Tylenchoidea, Order Tylenchida

(Modified by Maggenti (1981) from Waddell and Chitwood)


Excretory canal opens at excretory pore (external opening of tubular excretory systems) is usually visible due to cuticular lining - ventral in mid- to posterior esophageal region; position is diagnostic.


Individual excretory cells systems.
AChromadora sp., Subclass Chromadoria, Order Chromadorida
BPhanodermopsis sp., Subclass Enoplia, Order Enoplida
C Plectus sp., Subclass Chromadoria, Order Araeolaimida
DAnonchus sp., Subclass Chromadoria, Order Araeolaimida

(Modified by Maggenti (1981) from Chitwood and Maggenti)


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