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Superfamily Desnoscolecoidea
       Eophasma jurasicum  Arduini, Pinna & Terruzi, 1983

Type species of the genus Eophasma Arduini, Pinna & Terruzi, 1983

A fossil free-living marine nematode

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Morphology and Anatomy:

Ref: Decraemer and Rho, 2013.  





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Reported as a fossil from the Mesozoic (Arduini et al., 1983; Poinar, 2011)

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Free-living marine nematodes

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Biology and Ecology :

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Life Cycle:


Ecophysiological Parameters:

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Ecosystem Functions and Services :

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Ardini, P., Pinna, G., Terruzi, G. 1983. Eophasma jurasicum n.g. n.sp., a new fossil nematode os tyhe Sinemurian of Osteno in Lombardy. Atti. della Soc. Ital. Sci. Natural. e del Museo Civico di Storia Natural di Milano 124:61-64.

Decraemer, W. and Rho, H.S. 2013. Order Desmosdcolecida. Handbook of Zoology Gastrocticha, Cycloneuralia, Gnatifera. Volume 2: Nematoda

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Poinar, G.O., Hunt, D.J., Perry, R.N. 2011. Nematodes from the Mesozoic. Nematology Monographs and Perspectives 9:27-52.


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