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                          Falcaustra Lane, 1915

Type species of the genus: Falcaustra falcata Lane, 1915


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Morphology and Anatomy:


  • Medium-sized nematodes, body cylindrical, tapering posteriorly, truncate anteriorly.
  • Cuticle with fine, regular transverse striations.
  • Mouth opening triangular, surrounded by 3 large lips, each with 2 forked papillae.
  •  One amphid on each ventrolateral lip.
  • Additional cephalic papillae absent.
  • Esophagus with inflated isthmus and posterior spherical bulb.
  • Tail conical in both sexes.
  • Male monorchic, female amphidelphic.
  • Species of Falcaustra are distinguished based on charateristics of the male, usually on the number and arrangement of caudal papillae, length of spicules, and presence or absence of a pseudosucker.

Ref Bursey et al. (2014).

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Intestinal parasites of reptiles and amphibians.

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Biology and Ecology:


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Life Cycle:

The adult stages of Falcaustra spp.parasitize mainly turtles, less frequently amphibians and fish, and one species is reported to parasitize a bird.

In general, the life cycle is unknown but third-stage larvae have been found in snails and fishes which are probably paratenic hosts in the life cycle of Falcaustra species (Bartlett and Anderson 1985; Gonzalez et al., 2013)

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Ecosystem Functions and Services:


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Bursey, C.R., Goldberg, S.R., Grismer, L.L. 2014.New species of Bakeria (Nematoda; Strongylida; Molineidae), new species of Falcaustra (Nematoda; Ascaridida; Kathlaniidae) and other helminths in Cnemaspis mcguirei (Sauria; Gekkonidae) from Peninsular Malaysia. Acto Parasitologica 59:643-652.

Gonzalez, C.E., Sanabria, E.A., Quiroga, L.B. 2013. Falcaustra sanjuanensis sp. nov. (Nematoda: Kathlaniidae) from Odontophrynus cf. barrioi (Anura: Cycloramphidae) from Argentina... Acta Parasitologica 58:119-125.

Lane C. 1915. Falcaustra falcata, an investigation of Oxysoma falcatum von Linstow, 1906. Indian Journal of Medical Research, 3: 109-115.

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