Family Leptolaimidae

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Leptolaimidae Orley, 1880

As of 2021, the family includes seven genera, five of which inhabit marine and brackish habitats (Holovachov & Boström, 2004). Of these genera, Leptolaimus de Man, 1876  inhabits marine or brackish habits and includes over 70 nominal species,several of which are considered invalid (Gharahkhani et al;., 2021).

There were three subfamilies: Anonchinae, Camacolaiminae and Leptolaiminae (Hope and Tchseunov, 1999).. Of these, Camacolaiminae has been elevated to the rank of family (Camacolaimidae) (Holovachov and Bostrom, 2004).

General Characteristics:

Ref: Hope and Tchseunov, 1999


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