Family: Metastrongyloidea

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    Alternative Classification
    Relationships among species, genera, and even families, within the Nematoda are becoming clearer as morphological, morphometric, and life history features are considered along with molecular-based phylogenies. However, there remain differences of opinion among experts regarding classifications above the family level.  Such differences are apparent in the classification in the Order Strongylida or the consideration of suborders of the Strongylida as suborders of the Rhabditida.
    Rhabditida Strongylida
    Rhabditina Metastrongylina
    Metastrongyloidea Metastrongyloidea
  •            Metastrongyloidea Lane, 1917

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    Morphology and Anatomy:


    Many species of lungworms are significant pathogens of humans, dometsic and wild mammals.  The superfamily Metastrongyloidea  is represented by more than 180 species.  Most of the species use terrestrial gastropod molluscs as intermediate hosts (Lesage et al., 2015).

    Classifications differ among authorities but a recently used scheme recognizes seven families (Anderson, 2009):


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