Family: Qudsianematidae

Revised 01/29/24




         Qudsianematidae Jairajpuri, 1965

Ref Andrássy, 2009


Based on observations of variability in the postembryonic development of the caudal region of Dorylaimida, and on molecular analysis, Pena-Santiago and Alvarez-Ortega (2014) proposed that the family Qudsianematidae be assigned as a subfamily of the Dorylaimidae emended the diagnosis of the subfamily Qudsianematinae as follows:


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Andrássy, I. 2009. Free-living Nematodes of Hungary III.  Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest. 608p.

Pena-Santiago, R. and S. Alvarez-Ortega. 2014. An integrative approach to assess the phylogeny and the systematics of rounded-tailed genera of the subfamily Qudsianematinae (Nematoda, Dorylaimida). Zoologica Scripta 43:418-428.


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