Family Thelaziidae

Rev. 11/03/2021


Phylum Nematoda

  Class Chromadorea

    Subclass Chromadoria

     Order Rhabditida

         Sub-0rder Spirurina

        Superfamily Thelazioidea

 Thelaziidae Railliet, 1916

Parasites of mammals and birds, with invertebrate vectors.  Cause ocular infections and are commonly called eyeworms.



Otranto, D.,, E Ferroglio, RP Lia, D Traversa, Rossi, L. 2003. Current status and epidemiological observation of Thelazia callipaeda (Spirurida, Thelaziidae) in dogs, cats and foxes in Italy: a “coincidence” or a parasitic disease of the Old Continent? Veterinary Parasitology 116:315-325,


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