Family: Trichostrongylidae

Revised 01/27/23




           Trichostrongylidae Leiper, 1912

A huge family of animal-parasitic nematodes that has undergone several revisions into different families and of groupings into different families and subfamilies.

By the early part of the 21st Century, six subfamilies were recognized:


Trichostrongylinae Leiper, 1908

Ostertaginae Lopez-Neyra, 1947

Haemonchinae Skrjabin and Shul'ts, 1952

Cooperiinae Skrjabin and Shikhobalova, 1952

Libyostrongylinae Durette-Desset and Chabaud, 1977

Graphidiinae Travassos, 1937

In a recent classification (Beveridge et al., 2014), some of those subfamilies were elevated to family ranking within the superfamily Trichostongyloidea:

Families of the Trichostrongyloidea:  Cooperiidae, Haemonchidae and Trichostrongylidae

Within the Trichostrongylidae, three subfamilies are recognized:

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Morphology and Anatomy:



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