Family Ungellidae

Rev. 02/10/24




Ungellidae Chitwood, 1950


A fanily of nematodes that are parasites of annelids.

Ref:  Ivanova and Niehaus, 2009


The Ungellidae is a speciose taxon with profound morphological changes with development of the parasitic habit.

The nematodes are characterized by:



Ivanova, E.S., Niehaus, B. 2009. Malvinia crassa gen. n., sp. n. (Nematoda: Drilonematoidea) – a parasite of the acanthodrilid earthworm, Notiodrilus bovei, from the Falkland Islands. Nematology 11:39-45.

Magalhães PS (1905) Notes d’helminthologie brasillienne. Archives de parasitologie. Paris. 9: 305–318.

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