What's New in Nemaplex?

Revised: 10/24/2022

2022 - Continued gradual expension of Nemaplex beyond soil and plant nematodes to include all Families and many Genera and species.  But I am realizing that if a project is going to take a lifetime of work, it would be better to start earlier in your lifetime than later!  However, check out Index to Nematode families.

2021 - October- Nemaplex reconstructed and reconfigured after failure and replacement of two hard drives on the Nemaplex server.

2021 NINJA, the calculator of Nematode Ecophysiology Parameters moved to a server at Wageningen University, with the url: https://shiny.wur.nl/ninja.  Dr. Sara Sanchez-Moreno (sarasm@inia.es) Department of the Environment and Agronomy, National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology, Madrid, Spain is the current co-ordinator of NINJA updates.

2020 Continued addition of species, genera and family pages to Nermaplex, continued update of Host Status and Ecophysiology databases

2019 Separated Merliniidae and Telotylenchidae from Dolichodoridae with consistent changes in Nemabase and the Ecophysiology Databases

2019 Adding to Nemabase Host Range database from international sources

2019 Working full time on Nemaplex, expanding the taxonomic framework of Families, Genera and Species

2018 More extensive updates of Nemabase Host Range (>57,800 records) and Ecophysiology Databases (>4300 records).  Many thanks to James Mehl for supplying South African Host Status data. - 2018

2018 Removal of old-version Genus and species files to improve Google seach for a Genus and species - 2018

2018 Extensive updates of Nemabase Host Range and Ecophysiology Databases: Links from all species and genus pages to host range and ecophysiology parameters - 2018

2017 Migration of Nemaplex to a new server to facilitate the Sql database options and to enhance security - 2017

2017 New Dropdown Main Menu design launched - 2017

2017 Nemabase and Ecophysiological Parameter databases converted from Access to Sql databases.  All nematode species and genera pages converted to .aspx format which allows direct interaction with the databases - 2017

2015 Tylenchidae - Extensive New Key to the Genera (adapted from Geraert, 2008) - 2015

2015 Criconematidae - Revision of Menu Structure and Genus Names - 2015

2014 Link added to NINJA for calculation and analysis of nematode indicators 2014

2014 Course material and slideshow of Soil Ecology and Nematode Faunal Analysis Course, Costa Rica, March 2014

2014 Nemabase - Revision and Expansion of Search of Resistant Plants in relation to Plant Usage - 2014

2014 Nemabase - Ability to Search on Plant Name Synonyms and Expanded Common Names - 2014

2014 Nemabase - Ability to Search on Nematode Common Names - 2014

2014 Dorylaimida - Extensive New Key to the Families and Genera (adapted from Andrássy, 2009) - 2014

2013 Capability of specifying plant type or plant usage in searching Nemabase for resistance to a nematode (2011) and the use of dropdown menus of scientific and common names (2013)

2013 Capability of searching for plants considered Tolerant to a nematode species (2013)

2012 Nemabase 2012 (2013) an expanding database of the host status of plants to nematodes, with links from individual species pages (plant-feeders)

2012 Reorganization of taxonomic backbone and keys consistent with currently accepted classification systems (2012)

2012 Expansion of Database of Nematode Ecophysiological Parameters (2012)

2012 Visit Nematology 100 2012 Field trip Slide Show

2011 Database of Nematode Ecophysiological Parameters (2011)

2011 Improved access to biology and management of individual genera and species (2011)

2011 Availability of host plant resistance searchable from Management section of individual species pages (plant-feeders) (2011)

2011 Revised and Extended Nematode Faunal Analysis Spreadsheet (2011)

2011 Course Materials and Slideshows for Nematode Ecology and Management Courses taught in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico (2011-2015)

2008 Extensive Key to the Order Dorylaimida (2008 and 2012)

2008 Complete Molecular Classification of Nematoda (2008)

2008 Dictionary of Terminology (2008)

2007 Nematodes associated with many crops, with links to their biology and management (2007)

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